Renaissance 57: A Jordan Mozer Design Project

Where History and Contemporary Style Meet

Renaissance 57 celebrates New York City’s rich history by blending classic elegance and modern couture. The inspired aesthetic extends from the hotel’s graceful entryway to the wood-cloaked warmth of the fireside lounge to the innovative residential-style suites, creating a unified-yet-diverse design motif. Renaissance New York Hotel 57 embodies the absolute best hotel design in NYC for boutique hotels, from its historic exterior to the unique materials and textures that appear throughout the interior.

Jordan Mozer – one of America’s foremost designers – crafted the hotel’s interiors, including the gently curving stairway that leads from the ground-floor entryway and reception area to the second level. The stairway curls around an elegant column and an artfully assembled decorative hanging, before opening up to the rich, earthy tones of the Fireside Lounge and Opia Restaurant on the second floor. Ensconced in the building’s interior, the Fireside Lounge feels cozy, intimate and warm. Opia’s dining room, the Andre Boardroom, and Event Room offer exposures to the sunny city streets, allowing light to stream in.

Each guest room is arranged intuitively to make the most of the space. Lively spring-like colors and light tones lend a relaxing air, and marble tile bathrooms exude classic elegance. The hotel’s suites are laid out residential-style to provide room to relax in the room or on an outdoor terrace, and the exposed brick walls and hardwood floors make each suite feel like a private residence with the amenities of a luxury hotel in NYC.

Jordan Mozer’s modern design blends seamlessly with the historical details on the hotel’s exterior. Comprised of two buildings (built in 1875 and 1923), the hotel features an authentic red brick exterior enhanced by immaculately detailed cornices and window sills, resulting in the premier choice among stylish NYC hotels.

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